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Our Story

To understand the story of Barbed Wire Reef GourMexican, it starts with the man behind the company, Ricardo Aragon. Starting in 1998, Rico began his culinary training by working at various restaurants and eateries across Colorado. Driven by his work ethic and an eye for opportunity, Rico identified a trend at the time - wild game burgers and brats. It was clear the demand for gourmet style wild game dishes was the opportunity Rico wanted to pursue and break into the food truck industry.

In 2011, Rico started a new venture and opened Barbed Wire Reef Food Truck, LLC. Starting with his friend's pickup truck and custom built trailer, Rico began serving up some of the tastiest gourmet burgers to eager customers across Denver and more. He also began the employment of a loyal team of members who’ve been at his side without fail. Fast forward to 2022 and BWR Restaurant Group now employees over 30 team members and shows no signs of slowing down, with the recent opening of it’s sister restaurant, Wild Taco in Governor’s Park and to now with the rebrand of Barbed Wire Reef GourMexican. 

 The opening of Barbed Wire Reef GourMexican Restaurant marks the beginning of a new chapter for Rico, The BWR Restaurant Group, and his growing team. BWR Restaurant Group is proud to open the newly rebranded restaurant in the ever growing Berkley Neighborhood, located directly on 38th street. Touches of the original brand are still instilled like the barbed wire patio fencing and window frames, and monthly wild game specials. Moving inside you are greeted with a custom built food truck in the dining room as the service window into the kitchen. A humble reminder of the company’s roots and the heart of the business.


-Best Of The Show @ Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2014-2015

-1st Place Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2013

-3rd Place Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2012

-1st Place Most Unique @ Best Of The Taste Of Colorado 2015

-2nd Place Best Menu @ Best Of The Taste Of Colorado 2015