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Our Story

To understand the story of Barbed Wire Reef. It starts with the man behind the company, Ricardo Aragon. Since beginning in the business world, Rico had always been a visionary, a dreamer with the heart and soul of hard work and never giving up. When asked “why this, why such dedication to creating the brand of BWR?”, Rico answers “It’s the American dream, I moved to this country for”. That decision Rico made, to move to a different country, leave his friends and family behind, not knowing anyone or the language, and starting a business from nothing - that is the dedication of a man who never gives up. That is our friend Rico Aragon. 


Starting in 1998, Rico began his culinary training by working at various restaurants and eateries across Colorado. He worked his way through different positions learning "the business" of the restaurant industry. Eventually, in 2008 Rico partnered in a restaurant named Saltwater Cowboy based in Vail, CO. For the next 2 years, Rico learned everything he could about the restaurant industry. Driven by his work ethic and an eye for opportunity, Rico identified a trend - wild game burgers and brats! It was clear the demand for gourmet style wild game dishes was an opportunity Rico wanted to pursue! 


In 2011, Rico started a new venture and opened Barbed Wire Reef Food Truck, LLC. Starting with his friend's pickup truck and custom build trailer, Rico began serving up some of the tastiest gourmet burgers to hungry eaters across Denver and more. There wasn’t an event too small or big for Rico. If he could get there, he was working! And hard work it was!Some say you create your own luck. We say luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Rico doubled down and invested in a proper (and big) full-service food truck. He also began the employment of loyal team members who’ve been at his side without fail. Fast forward to 2019 and  BWR Restaurant Group now employees over 30 team members and shows no signs of slowing down! 


The opening of BWR Restaurant marks the beginning of a new chapter for Rico, BWR, and his loyal band of brothers. It’s fair to say that Rico has created a new dream of giving back to those who’ve helped him - You, the customer! BWR Restaurant Group is proud to open our brand-new restaurant in the highly growing Berkley Neighborhood, located directly on 38th street. The patio fence itself is a representation of the BWR band and one you cannot miss! Built from exposed metal posts wrapped in rustic barbed wire, this one-off fence begins the theme of the restaurant. Moving inside you see a beautiful bar with properly stocked selves of craft spirits, beers, and wines. Looking into the dining area you are greeted with a custom build food truck as the service window into the kitchen! A humble reminder of the companies roots and the heart of the business!


Reading over the menu, BWR has brought in culinary delights ranging from fresh daily oysters, elk and rattlesnake brats, to the BWR signature pulled Wild Board sandwich smothered in homemade BBQ sauce. Every aioli and dipping sauce, every basket of fries, and tasty treats all around are freshly homemade. When ordering, all meals are perfectly suited to compliment a craft brew from our several partners across the industry. Did we mention there is a brewery next door? Yeah, that’s there too! Patrons can sit in our restaurant or our friendly neighbor, FlytCo Brewery, and enjoy all the food and drink you can fit into a day. Those of you who dare to eat on the wild side, this is one spot you can not miss! 

For the BWR Restaurant Group, we can not wait to share our passion for hospitality and great food. We thank you for your support and look forward to serving delicious meals for years to come. Stay posted on social media for updates and news about our exciting journey together.  

From all us at Barbed Wire Reef Restaurant Group, Thank you and welcome!
Your's truly, Ricardo Aragon

Not a meat-eater? Barbed Wire Reef accommodates for vegetarians and vegans with items like our award-winning Beet Burger. Check out our completely gluten-free options menu.


-Best Of The Show @ Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2014-2015

-1st Place Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2013

-3rd Place Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2012

-1st Place Most Unique @ Best Of The Taste Of Colorado 2015

-2nd Place Best Menu @ Best Of The Taste Of Colorado 2015