Featured Meat: Introducing Our Camel and Kangaroo Burgers

Featured Meat: Introducing Our Camel and Kangaroo Burgers

We’re often asked about our meats. Where do they come from? What’s your favorite? Is it good?

And why wouldn’t people ask us these questions? It isn’t often that one sees camel or kangaroo offered in Colorado or most places in the U.S, for that matter. We’ve added (delicious & healthy) Camel Burgers and Kangaroo Burgers to our exotic menu.

Here’s a little info on both:


Camel is low in fat and high in moisture content. Sweeter than beef. Our meat source sticks to a strict no hormone or antibiotic growth enhancers policy and all animals are treated humanely. Camels are all-natural and grass-raised finished with a nutritionally-balanced, all-vegetarian diet.


Of the 48 Kangaroo species only 4 are harvested commercially. Today over 3 million Kangaroos are harvested a year and the meat is exported to 40 countries. Kangaroo meat is extremely healthy. Fat levels of kangaroo meat are typically 1-2%. This means the meat must be cooked rare and with care to avoid over cooking. All our Kangaroo is free range.

We personally love the flavor of these two meats, they are packed with protein, and very, very lean. But we encourage you to try them for yourself. Find us at our next location on our Event Calendar and try a bite!


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