Featured Meat: Rattlesnake, Python and Alligator (oh my!)

Featured Meat: Rattlesnake, Python and Alligator (oh my!)

If the idea of chomping down on a rattlesnake scares you, then try it a form that doesn’t bite. We serve these delicious meats in the form of mouth-watering bratwursts. Top ‘em off with some sauerkraut and one of our signature homemade aiolis.

Rattlesnake & Python

Rattlesnake meat is light and chewy with a delicate flavor that resembles chicken. We currently source meat from Western Diamondback snakes caught wild in Texas and purchased from rattlesnake roundups. Rattlesnake chili is popular in southwest restaurants.


Alligators are harvested from the wild once a year in September and October and farm raised throughout the year. The choicest cut is the tail meat. Leg and body meat is good for jambalayas, soups and stews.
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