Featured Meats: Take a Deep Dive into Our Ahi Tuna, Shrimp, and Shark Entrees

Featured Meats: Take a Deep Dive into Our Ahi Tuna, Shrimp, and Shark Entrees

Here at Barbed Wire Reef, we toot our own horn about our delicious wild game grub. But we also dish out some pretty amazing seafood entrees.

Meet our Blankened Ahi Tuna Sandwich and our Shrimp and Shark Tacos.

Just because we’re landlocked in Colorado, doesn’t mean Coloradans shouldn’t get access to great seafood. Our seafood meats are purchased fresh and cooked to perfection. We marinate the shark in garlicy goodness so it has a little bit of extra flavor. Our shark tacos are only available when we are able ship it in. And when they’re here, they don’t last long.

If you’ve never eaten shark, the flavor is mild and meaty. It’s kind of a blend between alligator and chicken. Even if you don’t fancy the flavor of shark meat, the so-called magical or medicinal power of the fins is said to make you a better lover. They’re an aphrodisiac. In countries like Japan, a bowl of shark fin soup will run you $100.

Our shrimp tacos are sautéed in chipotle garlic butter, and served on fresh, yellow corn tortillas with cilantro and lime. We drizzle our smoky, chipotle aioli over them.

Our seared ahi tuna is blackened on each side for added flavor. Sliced into pieces, we top this one off with our Cucumber Wasabi Aioli.

Stop by for any of our delicious seafood dishes or gourmet wild game!


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