Need Food Truck Catering? Oh, We Do That Too!

Need Food Truck Catering? Oh, We Do That Too!

We know that Denver is a pretty happenin’ place to be. That means parties; and, where there are parties, there are hungry people. Luckily we have food truck catering for any event from bat mitzvahs to bar mitzvahs, weddings to beheadings (did we just say that?). Yeah, basically any party you want to throw, we’ll dish out some amazing food for added cool points.

How Food Truck Catering It Works

We put together a customized menu of some of our best stuff. That’s right. Wild game galoooore. We’ll give you a few different options based on your budget and number of guests. If your guests don’t remember anything from your event (because grandpa falls asleep at everything, or grandma, well, she’s a lush) they’ll at least remember the kangaroo burger or the shark tacos they tried for the first time in their life.

Like a knight in shining armor or a patch of sun in a dark gray sky, one of our food trucks will arrive on premise to liven up your event. Book us all day, or for just a few hours to save your guests from cannibalizing one another.

Our wait list is growing so contact us soon if you have an event on the books. See our Catering page to fill out a request form and we’ll be in touch soon!


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