Ridiculously Healthy Wild Game Meats

Ridiculously Healthy Wild Game Meats

Here at Barbed Wire Reef we somewhat (ok, shamelessly!) pride the fact that our wild game meats are all-natural, grass-fed, hormone-free, and never given antibiotics. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “Studies have shown that eating grass-fed meat boosts plasma omega-3 levels far more than can be explained by the amount of omega-3s in the meat.”

Venison alone provides over 80% of the daily recommended amount of protein for 180 calories. And it’s also rich in iron and those super-important happy vitamin B’s.

Not only are the nutrients in our grass-fed meats more bioavailable and nutritious, they are richer in flavor without the added fat. Do you bacon, but hate the fat? We serve Wild Boar bacon (which is deeelicious) that has 75% less fat than normal pork bacon – Whoa! That’s almost the same fat content as chicken, but with more protein.

Wild Boar Nutrition Facts


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