The BWR Story – From Tent, To Food Truck, To Restaurant

The BWR Story – From Tent, To Food Truck, To Restaurant

Riddle me this: What’s long, strong, and down to get the friction on?

We’re not talking about Sr. Mix-a-Lot. It’s our story of growing into the largest food truck on Denver’s streets and achieving it through the daily grind of hot grills and hard work. Here’s a brief story of how we started and where we are going.

The Early Years

Six years ago, owner Ricardo embarked on a restaurant and bar endeavor tucked away in the mountains of the Vail Valley. The location was highly dependent on snow-slope tourism traffic and since burly, bearded dudes decking plaid shirts couldn’t wolf down enough grub to carry the restaurant through the off-season, Ricardo headed to local farmers markets during summer weekends.

With a grill, some tongs, and a determination as fierce as his 4 flavors of wild game brats, Rico’s wieners became a star attraction. He was invited to serve at other markets and shortly after applied to serve at larger events in the Denver area. Soon, he closed the mountain restaurant and pioneered his journey to Denver in search of a larger, hungrier, market base.

From Landscape to Cityscape

Barbed Wire Reef added more original recipes to its menu including our famous Pulled Wild Boar Sandwich and Vegan Beet Burger, and the road-show was quickly garnering awards. But the business was still seasonal – the summer months bustled with festivals and farmers markets, and the winter season dwindled to a couple of catering gigs and long nights of sleep.

After a couple of years, Ricardo invested in his first food truck, which was, at the time, the largest restaurant-on-wheels prowling Denver County. Through rain and shine, heat wave and snow storm, Ricardo and his team served Denverites their unique wild game fixings. Armed with a full kitchen, the business added seafood items like the Blackened Ahi Tuna Sandwich and tripled its menu offerings.


Today, while two food trucks dish out gourmet eats from block to block around the Denver Metro Area, Ricardo aims his gaze toward the next era of the business – a restaurant location. He’s currently seeking the first location for Barbed Wire Reef Wild Game & Seafood Restaurant. If you would like to be a part of our exclusive soft opening please provide your email address for a first-to-know announcement and private invitation.


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